Designing your own collection

Do you know know your own style, and what are the wardrobe items  that always make you feel  and look fabulous.

The Classics — These are the pieces that should have an interesting silhouette yet be stylish and timeless. They should comprise  80% of your wardrobe.

Luxury Items: We all need those expensive pieces that allow us to get away with wearing less expensive items. Your Lux items should be handbags,shoes,over coat or  a trench,and of course the emergency LBD little black dress.

Investment Pieces :Every women should have are your basics and they should include fabrics that can be worn all year round,Colors that mix well together,pieces that can go from day to night,fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily .

Bold Basics: The Color or Pattern: Your investment pieces will tend to be in the darker color palette so it is important to add some unexpected color or pattern when you can.

Tips : purchase Garments that have stretch in them such as a wool jersey they are comfortable to wear ,Travel well,and help when you have gained a few extra pounds.

Edgy/Trendy pieces:

Edgy and trendy should  be comprise 20% of your wardrobe.

Edgy Items:  These are items that add a point of interest to your over all look, it is important to note that to many points of interest will give you a tacky over done look so only add one edgy piece per look.

Trendy Items: These are items that you should not spend a lot of money on they are pieces that will only be in style for one season, they are what we call disposable clothing.

Safe Buys: Edgy and Trendy purchases are pieces such as belts,scarves,a print,hat,footwear,and jewelry,gloves,hose.