It’s in the (gym) Bag!

Since we’ve all included exercise and workouts in our goals to be healthier in 2011, I KNOW all of you are spending more time at the gym, right? If you sometimes find yourself rushing to throw your gym gear in a bag as you run out the door, this post is for you. A little pre-planning with some simple must-have items will make it easier to keep your resolution. Here’s what I keep in my gym bag. (And if you have more suggestions, let me know!)


It’s in the Bag!

Energy bar

Set of clean clothes and underwear

Reusable water bottle

Sweat towel

Plastic bag for dirty workout gear


Anti bacterial wipes to wipe down the equipment

Shower shoes or flip-flops

Hair ties, bobby pins and/or baseball cap

Toiletries bag:

Makeup remover wipes

Makeup bag

Shampoo/conditioner/ styling product


Comb and brush


Toothbrush and toothpaste


Body lotion


Razor and shaving cream

Hair dryer

Little Extras

Pedometer : Life Fitness at CVS Drugstores

Yoga mat