Who Knew it Wasn’t New?


Do you have some favorite pieces of jwewlry just sitting in your jewelry box becase they are broken or out of date?  Most pieces can be restored, repaired or redesigned in a way that will compliment your personal collection.  Redesigning or “re-purposing” jewelry is an unique way to recreate something that has lifelong memories and sentimental value. Talk to your jeweler and let them know what you want to accomplish with the piece — whether it’s turning a plain piece into something more sophisticated, or streamlining the style of a more decorative item.


Did you know that your precious crystal glass with certain chips and cracks can be restored .  Many times, chips and other imperfections in glass and crystal can be ground out and polished. Whether you need to repair a priceless family heirloom or a special vase, look for a restoration company in your area. You will be surprised at what can be restored,so don’t throw it away.