What’s in Your Purse

Purse Management,Makeup,Tips and Tricks

Audrey suggests the following items in your purse:

1. Compact make up bag

2. Ladies emergency kit

3. Child’s age appropriate emergency kit (if needed)

4. Medical Emergency Contact card

5. Wallet & Keys in a safely secured area

6. cell / blackberry / treo or other

7. sunglasses / reading glasses

On your medical emergency card you should include the following:

Name, address and telephone number

Emergency contact person’s telephone number

Insurance number and information

Doctors name


Blood type

Donor information

- Note you may want to highlight certain information such as allergies and emergency contact information so it is easy to read.

An Emergency Woman’s kit should include:

Aspirin / Tylenol/other

eye drops

Band-Aids x2

feminine products



pen note paper

tooth brush and tooth paste

hair spray


sewing kit

antibacterial wipes

Makeup Bag items should include:


lipstick / gloss / lip balm



eyeshadow quad

eyeliner pencil



travel brushes

emery board

travel size perfume

small compact or mirror

comb or small hair brush

Dress Like A Chic Mom

Mothers are busy! I know…I’ve been there, done that. I’ve had 10 minutes to get ready between dropping the kids off at a sleepover party and attending a dinner party. That doesn’t mean I went inside a happening lounge in a sweat suit — which has become many moms’ “official outfit of choice.” As a working mother and an expert in beauty and fashion, I can honestly tell you that YOU can be fashionable and functional – in just a few minutes and with only a few staples of clothing in your closet.

Here are sample outfits for those more casual occasions….

When You’ve Got the Kids in Tow

Denim Jacket, Denim pants, Striped belt, Shoes, White Long Sleeve T,shird, Gloves, Handbag, Necklace

Movie Night!

Jeans, shirt, hat, Oxford shoes, Handbag, Jacket, Necklace

Weekend Warrior

Jeans, Turtleneck, Cape, Gloves, Handbag – from Marshall’s, Shoes, Necklace

Now, when it comes to dressing it up a bit ….

Cocktail Party

Necklace, Dress, Shoes by Nina, Evening Handbag, Bracelet, Tux Style jacket,

Sophisticated Mama

Skirt, Belt, Turtleneck Sweater, Necklace, Handbag,

Out With the Girls

Long Jacket, sweater, Necklace, Gloves, Handbag, Oxford Shoes,

Ladies’ Lunch

Knit Dress, Brown Belt, Brown Leather Gloves, Brown Handbag, Brown suede ankle boots, Vintage Burberry Scarf,


Black ankle boot, Black Leather Jacket, Leather gloves, Handbag, Scarf,

Now that you have your mom’s guide to style, I dare you to dump your wrinkled go-to T-shirt! Tell me: What’s your least fashionable “outfit of choice”? What’s your “Hot Mama” look?

Resale and Thrift Shopping

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Here are some great tips for all of you out there shopping the resale and thrift stores. If you follow these guide lines you will make some great purchases. And become a great resale shopper.  Just remember,  don’t buy just for the sake of it.  Always be a discriminative shopper.  ALWAYS.

GOOD DEAL HUNTING…Here are my best tips for a successful experience.

Resale Shopping/ Thrift shopping/ Vintage shopping/ consignment

1. When you go resale shopping wear easy on and off clothing and the correct underwear.
2. Check the seams and edges.
3. Make sure the garments don’t have stains, odors, or mold and check to see that the lining is intact.
4. Try on everything. Don’t go by the size in the garment because it could have been altered.
5. Look for high end designers first and items that you can’t usually afford.
6. Haggle the price. Often the resale store will take a lower price.
7. Take pictures or create a list before you go shopping have a plan. This kind of shopping can be overwhelming
.8. If you have to dry clean a garment or get alterations, remember this adds to then overall price of the item
9. Make friends with the sales person, so that they will let you know of new deliveries, sales and when she has something she knows you would like
10. If you are new to resale shopping start by buying a classic little black dress (LBD) , a coat, trench coat or a handbag.
11. Anticipate sales and delivery dates for new merchandise, which usually arrives on a Tuesday.
12. Trust in the classics. Buy a great jacket, nice fitting jeans, brown or black shoes, belt or jewelry, white blouse, black trousers.
13. When you are buying an item, make sure it goes with three things in your closet.
14. Ask yourself if you can wear the item in winter and summer.
15. Can the item go from day to night?
16. Evening handbags are always a safe thing to purchase.

17. When buying something you may think is expensive, think cost per wear.
18. Thrift stores don’t always know all the high end designers names so don’t just shop in the designer section.
19. There are copies of designer handbags out there! BEWARE..
20. Check the vintage section because some 40’s 50’s 70’s and 80’s styles are very IN STYLE right now.
21. Look for vintage sunglasses. They can create an awesome look.
22. Check knits for moth holes.
23. Mold is almost impossible to get rid of so smell the items and check handbags and shoes carefully.
24. Be creative. Try wearing a sweater back to front or a necklace worn in the back of a backless dress. Try wearing two belts instead of just one.
25. A lot of thrift stores have children’s and household section. Check these areas out!
26. Look for anchor pieces and build from there.
27. Look for  new shoes or designer shoes when in doubt. Cowboy boots are always great with jeans. Boots are always in style.

Downsize Your handbag

Classic hardware


Many women are weighing themselves down by carrying overstuffed handbags, we have been carrying on average 7 to 10 pounds and now we are complaining of neck, shoulder and back pain. And we’re surprised!!!

Technological advances using smaller gizmo’s  like the  Iphone and Blackberry mean that we no longer have to carry around a phone book, appointment book or lap top . So ladies is it time to empty all the stuff out of our handbags and revaluate it’s contents and start downsizing.

Experts agree that our handbag should only weigh  between 3 to 5 pounds ,or 10 percent of your body weight. A resent UK retailer Debenhams survey revealed the weight of a women’s handbag in Europe has fallen by 57% the lowest weight in seven years.

The Fashion trend in handbags for Fall 2010 is for smaller handbags so if your handbag is insanely heavy and you are guilty of over stuffing it ,now is the best time for a good old fashion clean out.

Look for Lady Like and Lady Sized handbags this Fall with classic hardware for the best finishing touche to any outfit...


MAKEUP BAG.Makeup Brushes [ These brushes should be short handled so that they don't take up a lot of your in your makeup bag].

Foundation /Mineral,cream,or Liquid.

Eye shadows [ A small compact containing 4 shades is an ideal size for most makeup bags the compact should include a shade that can also work on your brows, and dark shade that can be used close to your lashes,a contour color, and a highlight color, or something with a little shimmer in it.

Black / Brown Mascara

Creamy Lipstick/ Lip Gloss

Black or Brown Eye Pencil (always sharpen before using)

Cream/ Powder Blush

Blot Powder / Blot papers for touchups



Now you are ready for anything the day or evening will bring... Bring It On!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emergency bag containing;





Sunglasses or Reading Glasses

Pen / Notebook

Brush / comb

Wallet containing;

Drivers license

Credit cards

Medical insurance card

Laminated card that has your,Doctors telephone number ,Contact info in case of emergency number


Car and House Keys


IPhone,Blackberry,Cell Phone


CLEAN out your handbag every other week to stay organized,wipe the inside of your bag,and do repairs or give it a good polish to keep your investment in great shape.


Every Makeup Artist Needs Great Tools To Create Their Masterpiece.

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Makeup brushes come in animal hair or with synthetic bristles like nylon or Taklon.  Prices will vary a lot depending on what material is used.

Here are  Audrey’s “Must Have” picks.

Foundation Brush with Taklon Bristles

For a flawless finish, a Taklon Foundation Brush will give you a perfectly blended look.

Eyeliner Brush

The eyeliner brush can be used with cake, cream, powder and liquid liner to create a fine line close to your eyelashes. I really love a bent eyeliner brush with this brush you are able to apply your eyeliner with your eye open and this makes for a very straight line.

Lipstick Brush

Using a lip brush allows you to achieve a perfect lip line and you will find your lipstick will stay on longer.

Blush Brush

This brush should be soft and have fine bristles for an even and soft application.

Defining Eye Shadow Brush

This brush is designed for precision color placement on your eyelid crease and for smudging and softening liner.

Large Fluff Brush

This brush is used for applying your eye shadow base.

Angled Brush

This brush is used to define your brows and for your under eye line [ under your lower lashes].

Spooley Brush

This brush is a great tool for brushing your eyebrows into place.

Concealer Brush

The concealed brush is used under your eye area around the nose and mouth and for camouflaging any blemishes.

Powder Brush

Find a flat powder brush it is so much better for placement and you will use less product than if you use the dome powder brush.

Taking care of makeup brushes.

Spray brush cleaner on a tissue and wipe your brushes after use, or use rubbing alcohol to sterilize your brushes in the same way. You can also use eye makeup remover on your synthetic brushes.

Wash your brushes weekly in baby shampoo and lay them flat to dry on paper towels.
SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfect Ten Brush Set ($150 Value) Perfect Ten Brush Set
Japonesque Kimono Brush Set

Sunless Tanning product Test

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We all know how damaging the sun can be to our skin, and that the best way to get that sun-kissed look is to use sunless tanning products. I’ve had a heck of a time finding products that don’t smell, don’t streak and don’t leave my skin with an orange tint! I picked up more than a dozen sunless tanning products in all price ranges, put them to a test and here are my top three picks for great color and being smell-free.
Recommended and tested by Audrey

Lavera Self Tanner Europe’s #1 selling all natural self tanner contains organic soy extracts which give your skin a subtle glow.The sugar extract ensures a streak free application. It also contains organic jojoba oil, calendula, aloe vera and rose water to moisturize your skin. Price: $25.00 at select Target stores.

Lavera Self Tanner Lotion – 5 oz.

Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe This one’s also a favorite with Hollywood celebrities. This can take your skin from pale to a natural looking tan in minutes. There is a deodorant ingredient that blocks any chemical smell; all you’ll  be able to smell is a delicious vanilla scent. Xen Tan leaves no orange undertone. Price: $56.00 www.xen-tan.com OR (866) XEN-TANS
Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe, Sunless Tanner 8 fl oz (236 ml)

Beautisol Summer Glow Here’s another healthy alternative to baking in the sun. This product really gives a streak free tan. It has no chemical odor and leaves you looking like you spent hours in the great outdoors. Price $39.00 www.beautisol.com

Beautisol’s Dark Tanner: Summer Glow 6 oz.