Sweater Storage

The winter months are here and how can you keep your lovely knits tidy in your closet.

Folding your clothes using a clipboard will give you nice even piles of sweaters that would make any Mom proud to look in your closet!

Directions on how to do it:

Place the clipboard on the back of the shirt. Fold the sides and sleeves in. Then fold the bottom up, slide the clipboard out, and voila!

No need to buy any fancy gadgets to help you fold you probably already have a spare clipboard lying around the house.

To keep your stacks of sweaters neat and straight try shelf dividers the shelf dividers are a great way to keep handbags organized too..

You should still use a product to preserve your favorite new wool sweaters even when they are in use.
Because there are more than 11,000 different species of moths but there are only a few who covet your wool clothing. Of these, it’s only at the larva stage that do the damage.

Stop Moths From Eating Wool Sweaters
Place lavender, cedar chips, into a cloth bag and storing the bag near you sweaters in your closet.Herbs, including lavender and rosemary, offer some protection against the clothes moth. Replace sachets every few months, cedar blocks or place moth balls in your closet and drawers at the beginning of each winter season.