Solutions for your fashion dilemmas


Solutions for your fashion dilemmas. Audrey Mansfield has tips to protect your leather, keep your shoes intact and stay warm and help with a slippery situation!

1. Is your leather pants or skirts stretched out? Just pop your stretched out item into a ziploc bag and place it in the freezer.Take all of the air out of the zip lock bag before you put it in the frezzer and leave it over night the cold will put you leather back into shape.

2. If your pointed toed shoes and boots toes have started to curve upward, you can return them to their original shape by securing them with tissue paper 2 rubber bands and a heavy weighted book (such as a dictionary). You will need to first stuff the toes of your shoe or boot,then place the boot or shoe on top of the outside of the book, place a piece of tissue paper at the toe and heel and secure the shoe or boot to the book using strong rubber bands placed on top of the tissue paper at the toe and heel. Leave your shoes or boots attached to the heavy book for 24 to 48 hours.

3. Does your silky lingerie or silk evening wear end up on the closet floor? Here is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your lingerie and other dedicates from slipping off  your hangers, just stick a furniture scratch protector pad in cork or felt to either side of the top of a wood hanger and this will keep your delicates from ending up on the closet floor.Problem solved..

4. YumYum cashmere scarves are a simple, no-fuss answer to those cold winter days. There are magnets on either end of the YumYum scarf which makes for a easy  on and off item.