Quick Tips- Waist Extenders,Purse Hooks,Fashion Tapes

Tag Tamers

Audrey Mansfield has the perfect solutions for the peskiest fashion dilemmas.

Products and items featured:

1.Waist Bandit As We Change  www.aswechange.com

2.Itchy clothing tags : Tag Tamers: $8.95

3.Fold your clothes neatly with a clipboard! I hate folding shirts. I just can’t do it neatly! Let me help!


Place the clipboard on the back of the shirt. Fold the sides and sleeves in. Then fold the bottom up, slide the clipboard out, and voila!

4. Hollywood Fashion Tape

5. Hollywood Purse Hook www.telebrands.com $2.95

Tag Tamers

Handbag Hook

Fashion tape

Plastic Clip Board