Skin Care Tips for Spring.

Spring is here . Summer is coming. It’s time to come out of hiding from the winter and update our skincare routine for those lovely sun dresses, shorts and halter tops.

A visit to your favorite dermatologist is a great idea for April.  Consider asking them about about Latisse . That is the FDA approved product that grows, thickens and darkens your eyelashes. Long natural looking eyelashes for the spring and summer months mean you can go with a little less makeup!  You can also ask your doctor about a microdermabrasion of your facial skin — a hydra facial might be a good option. It is appropriate for all skin types. If however, you have acne, be sure to get a doctor’s opinion before trying any kind of microdermabrasion.


Summer is also  the “season of the back”. Think about how often you see backless dresses and tops as it gets hotter outside.  Unless your back is naturally flawless, there is usually room for improvement . The most common issues on our backs are sun damage, acne scars and extra epidermis growth.

Your dermatologist can help you here too, by suggesting the best skin care products.  Microdermabrasion on your back is gaining popularity among men and women.  It is a safe treatment  and  usually results in immediate improvement. Besides, it feels like someone is giving you a great back scratch. This is a great month to get this treatment done. You will be amazed by the results.

There are two important things to remember ALWAYS  USE SUNSCREEN!!!!!! Even on your back where the skin is usually thicker than the face. And after exercise, do not allow perspiration to linger on your skin, as this can also promote skin breakout.