Shape Wear That Works Immediately

So you’ve gained a few pounds and you need a little camoflage…let’s see. Tummy, arms or more?

Yummie Tummie Slimmer The popularity of tight, low-cut jeans, cropped tops, and clingy knit dresses has created the perfect storm for “middle management” by women of all ages, shapes and sizes. No matter how young, fit and slender you are, a so-called “muffin top” or tummy bulge will rear it’s ugly head. Yummie Tummie is the new leader in shapewear.  Not only will Yummie Tummie visibly slim, shape and smooth you, it’s the first shapewear on the market that is not an embarrassment to wear or a shameful secret. It is comfortable enough to wear all day and evening. Plus the  chic, sexy designs mean you never have to worry about that awful moment of truth when undressing in front of your significant other! It’s the FIRST shape that is meant to be seen and you will want to show if off.

Tres Sleek Arm Shaper Tres Sleek arm shape wear instantly lifts sagging skin while slimming and streamlining bulges and ripples. Tres Sleek gives confidence to woman by making them feel good in their own skin.  It is available in two styles Pleine [long sleeve], and De Quart [short sleeve]. There are two colors; black and copper nude and sizes range from small to  4 to XL. Additionally, there is the Veston, which is a take on a classic shrug. The Veston has built in compression sleeves to wear over those sleeveless tops and strapless dresses. The veston is available in short, three quarter, and long sleeves.

Kymaro Body Shaper Look 10 to 20 ponds thinner and get the body you have always wanted. Get the body you have always wanted. Look 10 to 20 lbs slimmer. Kymaro body shaper and bottom shaper. Flexible micro fiber material that moves with you. This seamless shaper hugs everything in place, leaving you with smooth lines and sexy curves.