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Nail Magic


If you have trouble with peeling,breaking,splitting or dry nails here are some solutions for you.

Being a flight attendent can be hard on your nails, my British Airways friends swear by

Nail Magic is a unique combination of ingredients which stimulates healthy and beautiful nail growth while strengthening and conditioning weak or damaged nail tissue. Nail Magic was used in beauty salons throughout the country for many years before being made available to the public. Nail Magic can be used as a base coat, top coat or clear enamel polish. Application is simple, usually requiring less than three minutes twice a week.

nail magic

Nail Magic

I have had weak nails all my life and the only thing that seems to have strengthened them is by taking Neo-Natal Vitamins.

Aging and Acne Gadgets

The Tanda Skincare System is a FDA approved system that uses  LED light therapy for treating two skin conditions acne and the signs of aging. at $275.00 for the starter kit it is not worth the money for either conditions another case of apealing to the top women’s weaknesses .. I had 6 people try these 3 for aging and 3 for acne with no results.. I say save your money on this product you are better off going to the Dermatologist .

Zeno Acne Treatment is a hand held battery operated device that is suppose to stimulate a heat shock that works on the bacteria that cause acne at $129.00 for 60 treatments and $89.00 for 45 treatments we saw no results in a study done with 2 men and 2 women..