Play Up Your Body Proportions

Don’t like your bum? Think your waist is too thick? Remember, everyone has something they don’t like about their figure. The secret is a little fashion camouflage.

Here are some best bets for “round figures”.

You look particularly good in

A knee length straight skirt with a top and a belt.
Wear a brighter color on top and a darker color on the bottom.
V-neck tops, dresses and  sweaters all work.
Tailored jackets nipped in at the waist.
Look for asymmetrical dresses with rushing at the middle .
Dress monochromatic (single color).
Don’t tuck your top into your pants.[One Tee one length and another one a bit longer]
Wear a boot leg jean.
Choose tunic tops.
Wear a halter-top or dress.
Trench coat styles work.
Remember, an empire waist highlights your smallest area.
Choose vertical lines and seams.

Are you a Rectangle?

You look particularly good in:

Go with a full skirt and cap sleeves to add curves.
Wear sheath dresses with a belt .
Wear fitted jackets.
Wear layers on the top.[A top with a vest or a double tee]
Choose a boot cut jean or a straight jean.
V-neck tops suit everyone.
Halter dresses and tops are good choices.
Other good choices, wrap dresses, pleated skirts, low rise jeans and skinny jeans.
Anything with shirring because it will give you an illusion of curves.

Triangle Type ?

You look Particularly  good in:

Wear detailing and texture on the top.
Wear asymmetrical tops or dresses.
Choose coats and jackets with large collars.
Simple solid colored sweater or textured tops with a skirt or pant .
Sweater or top with embellishments at the neck.
Wear a bright color on top and a dark color on the bottom.
Boatneck tops and dresses.
Opt for ruffles at the sleeve and neck.
Strong shouldered jackets.
Tailored dresses.

Blouson jacket styles and fluttery tops.

An Hourglass Figure?

You Look Particularly good in:

This figure type looks good in most fashions. (Lucky you!)
Show off your shoulders
Choose a tailored blouse
Wear straight leg,skinny or boot cut jeans
V-neck tops suit everyone.
Wear clothes that hug your figure like wrap dresses.
Cinch it is with a  waisted dress.

Are you an Inverted Triangle Type?

You’re an inverted triangle when you have broad shoulders, narrow hips and relatively slender limbs.

Defining your waist and creating curvature on your top and  bottom is the goof proof way to go.

You look particularly good in:

Tailored  shirts and jackets that have waist definition.

Straight legs tailored pants.

Soft collarless dressing

Choose V-neck tops.

Wear an a line skirt or a full skirt but a skirt with a bit of a swing to it that flutters when you walk

You can wear most lengths and styles of structured jackets if they are adequately nipped in at the waist for shape.

Wear bootleg jeans.

Strapless dresses.
Wear a darker color on top and a lighter color on the bottom.

Choose pants with side pockets.