Everything You Need To Know About Having Perfect Eyebrows


For a perfect looking eyebrow remember the fuller the brow the younger and more natural you will look.

You don’t have to pay for waxing or threading. Here’s how to do-it-yourself.

1. Prep your eyebrows by doing the three-area brow test.
a. Place a thin makeup brush by the side of your nose and run it straight up. This is where your eyebrow should start.
b. Move the brush so that when you are looking straight ahead the brush is directly in front of your pupil. This is where your arch should be.
c. Take the same brush and angle it from the nose to the end on the eye. This is where the eyebrow should end.

2. Now fill in your eyebrow with a light brown eyeshadow color so that you will know exactly where to tweeze.

3. Brush the hairs upward and with small sissors trim the long hairs, then brush the hairs down and trim the long hairs.

4.Tweeze the hairs that are outside of the lines you have filled in, brushing the brow hairs now and then.

Godefroy eyebrow lightening crème kit
Godefroy Shape and Tint Kit
Anastasia of Beverley Hills Stencils and kit

What are the most important things to know about brows?

Brows are the most expressive feature as we show our happiness, surprise and frustration by moving our brow muscles. Brows shaping should be maintained every 4 weeks.

When you are going to a spa or salon for eyebrow shaping, always choose a person that is familiar with brow shaping and ask them to go “natural” at first to make sure you like the same they create you can always tweeze more if need be. You don’t want over-tweezed brows!

Which method is best waxing, plucking, threading or sugaring?

Waxing removes hair in a clean sweep and tweezing is great for tight areas where you need more control. Sugaring and threading are natural ways to get rid of unwanted hair that have been used for centuries.

Sugaring paste is 100% natural, made up of natural ingredients such as sugar, lemon juice and water.
Sugaring paste does not attach to the skin it only adheres to hair.
If you are looking for a less painful way of getting a Brazilian wax, you want to ask for a sugaring wax.

Eyebrow threading removes hair by catching it in a coiled piece of thread and removing it from the follicle. It lasts for about a month for an average person’s growth cycle. It is an ancient method of hair removal that can be traced back to Arab countries, India, as well as southeast Asian countries. There is no heat, and it is very minimal in the amount of friction on the skin.

How can I avoid that over-plucked look??
This goes back to the brow kit and using stencils and fillers so you can follow the same line on both sides.

What do I do if my skin is red after grooming?
Use ice and some aloe vera gel.

For people who have thin places or gaps in their brows–how do you recommend filling in brows?

Use both brow pencil for gaps and smooth over with brow powder.

What can I do if I have over tweezed and the hair won’t grow back?
Latisse is an FDA approved product that will grow your eyelashes longer and darker. I have tried this and it actually works apply a small amount of Latisse where the hair on your eyebrow is missing and you will be amazed that the hairs will grow back as long as you continue to use the product. Check with your doctor. I suggest applying the product every other day.