Makeup Viewer Questions and Answers

With today’s busy and hectic schedules active women don’t have time to retouch their makeup. For a flawless face all day long, try these products you can find at

Tired of Foundation Touch-Ups
Model in a Bottle - is a matte finish makeup setting spray. It will hold and seal your foundation and eye shadows in place throughout the
Reel Creations Blue Aqua Sealer – is very popular with professional makeup artists.
Makeup Forever Mist and Fix- Sold at SEPHORA
Ben Nye Final Seal – another good product to keep you from having to touch-up your makeup

How to Keep Those Eyebrows in Line!

Use a clear mascara or an eyebrow sealer.
Clear Mascara by Maybeline- Available at most Pharmacys
Model In a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer..www.modelinabottle
Bare Minerals Finishing Gel.Sold at SEPHORA

Brow Fixers by Benefit-

The Eyes Have It!
Wondering how to keep your powered eyeliner from running?
Dip your eyeliner brush into a drop of saline contact solution before applying your powdered eye shadow eyeliner.
For a long-wearing eyeliner try
Makeup Forever Eye Seal ..Sold at SEPHORA

Kryolan cake eyeliner sealer.

La Femme Cake Eyeliner Sealer