Makeup Product Repairs and Sanitizing

Don’t you HATE it when your favorite eyeshadows fall to pieces?  Don’t toss it! try this instead.

You will need  tissues and a small amount of lotion.

Place a tiny amount of lotion on to a tissue.

Using your finger tip, press the lotion on the powder eye shadow until the powder goes back to it’s original state.

Problem solved!

Is Your Favorite Blush Busted?

You’ll need Vaseline and two clean, small jars (look at The Container Store).

Place the broken blush in to a bowl.

Crush the pieces into a powder.

Place ½ of the powder into one jar.

Start adding the Vaseline small amounts and mix until you reach the consistence of a cream blush or lip-gloss.

Place the other ½ of the crushed blush into the other jar.

You now have a cream blush (or lip gloss!) lip gloss and a powder blush with nothing wasted.

Keeping it Clean. How to Sanitize your Eyeshadows.

Put 99% alcohol (denatured alcohol, rubbing alcohol)  into in a fine mist atomizer.

Lightly Spray the alcohol once over the powder eye shadow palette or single eyeshadow.

Let it dry and your products are sanitized.