Dress Like A Chic Mom

Mothers are busy! I know…I’ve been there, done that. I’ve had 10 minutes to get ready between dropping the kids off at a sleepover party and attending a dinner party. That doesn’t mean I went inside a happening lounge in a sweat suit — which has become many moms’ “official outfit of choice.” As a working mother and an expert in beauty and fashion, I can honestly tell you that YOU can be fashionable and functional – in just a few minutes and with only a few staples of clothing in your closet.

Here are sample outfits for those more casual occasions….

When You’ve Got the Kids in Tow

Denim Jacket, Denim pants, Striped belt, Shoes, White Long Sleeve T,shird, Gloves, Handbag, Necklace

Movie Night!

Jeans, shirt, hat, Oxford shoes, Handbag, Jacket, Necklace

Weekend Warrior

Jeans, Turtleneck, Cape, Gloves, Handbag – from Marshall’s, Shoes, Necklace

Now, when it comes to dressing it up a bit ….

Cocktail Party

Necklace, Dress, Shoes by Nina, Evening Handbag, Bracelet, Tux Style jacket,

Sophisticated Mama

Skirt, Belt, Turtleneck Sweater, Necklace, Handbag,

Out With the Girls

Long Jacket, sweater, Necklace, Gloves, Handbag, Oxford Shoes,

Ladies’ Lunch

Knit Dress, Brown Belt, Brown Leather Gloves, Brown Handbag, Brown suede ankle boots, Vintage Burberry Scarf,


Black ankle boot, Black Leather Jacket, Leather gloves, Handbag, Scarf,

Now that you have your mom’s guide to style, I dare you to dump your wrinkled go-to T-shirt! Tell me: What’s your least fashionable “outfit of choice”? What’s your “Hot Mama” look?

Fall MAKE UP Look


Guest Blogger -Rosalina Da Silva- Visit her website http://www.amorebeautifulmakeup.com/

The Fall of 2010  fashion trends have been set on the runways of the world…This year, as always, there were some amazing makeup looks .
However, I must say there’s nothing unexpected or unusual , so it means that we can go into our makeup draw and pick up similar colours from past  seasons.  However  the fall season gives us a sense of style with the clothes, colors and textures, the hair and makeup after a very relaxed summer fashion.
I spent a few months overseas and up on my return I was very excited to tell my friends of the trends I saw specially in Japan… I loved  the fact that the  “Blush” was bold and obvious , not like in a “80s” kind of way…much more centered  and round on the cheeks.
On that note the Fall style of make up for most women…  A few suggestions and tips,
After the summer your skin is  naturally dehydrated, so make sure that  your “skin care regime”  is  appropriate. Serums, nourishing masques, rich night cream, and always an eye cream.
Before  designing your own fall look, make sure that your skin is glowing,
1) Sunscreen
2) Primer…Mac , SmashBox, Laura Mercier
3) Lip balm or plumper if you need to use it…Model Inc…
4) I  Love to use a liquid bronzer on  the cheeks  for that “natural” radiant look to keep a little of summer look.  Armani my favourite
5) Use either a liquid foundation or for a light coverage a tinted moisturizer. Mac my favourite a very close second Laura Mercier
6) Concealer  can be used under or over the foundation…I prefer over as it minimises the amount I need. Also if you are very dark  under the eyes and have a highly pigmented Concealer mix it with a dab of eye cream so it goes on more smoothly.  Mac, Amazing Concealer, Laura Mercier
7) On eye lids brush some powder to make sure it’s well dry before the eye shadow.
8) From here on start with the new colours for the season…Gold’s. Bronzes, Chocolates, mauve or  even  a Bottle or Moss Green. All slightly frosted….sheen, sheen
9) Your cheeks should be radiant as you’ve used the  liquid bronzer under  I choose a  cream Blush from either Mac or Bobby Brown just for a more “rosy healthy” glow
10) Lips : will depend if you want to be bold and choose the latest’s reds or stay soft with the natural bronzers ,and pink  hues….Make sure that your lips are always moist with a slight sheen….a very youthful look.
11) If you wish to apply false lashes do that last…
12) Here are some more options ….

The  favourite  smoky eye is back and better than ever.

Red lips, they are always on the fall runways

Gold eye shadow t try on a few and find the shade you feel the most comfortable in. Pair it with gold and bronze eye shadows and you will be ready for a night on the town.

It’s Cat Attack 3.0, aka our third story in the past two weeks that focuses on feline fashion. For fall, the makeup brand is introducing M·A·C Fabulous Felines, with three new collections inspired by the colors and textures of the world’s über-perfect pedigrees. To mirror the seductive shades of the fall ’10 runways, they’re offering up the chocolate-toned Burmese, the wild and sleek ginger Ocicat, and the plush and privileged sable Russian Blue. Plus, they’re letting you create a purr-fect cat-eye with the new Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in six new colors ranging from Defiantly Feline to golden Pure Show. So, if you want to mix-and-match with your own pet, or just want to serve as cat-nip, we suggest getting in on the fur-ocious trend before it’s too late—you don’t want to look like an alley cat, do you?

Fendi autumn/winter 2010-11

Matte Skin, Luminous Finish

Beautifully natural-looking skin was the big look for autumn/winter. For those not born with a fresh-faced glow, this look is all about the prep work. Prime skin with a moisturising serum or a few drops of MAC’s Care Blend Essential Oils before applying your foundation; then dust with pressed powder for a matte yet silky finish. NEXT TREND >>

Dior women are not shy, they’re modern and daring,” says John Galliano. The Dior fall color collection pays tribute to this idea of unabashed femininity with shades of sensual mauve, deep purple and smoky charcoal and grey tones. The eyes are the focal point of the look: endless and full lashes, mysterious, smoky lids and soft, pink hues for the lips.

Marchesa for Le Metier de Beaute Collection for Fall 2010

“The Collection takes the unparalleled textures and formulas Le Métier de Beauté is known for and transfixes them with the essence of Marchesa,” says Joanna Vorachek Austin, President of Le Métier de Beauté. “From the sleek packaging and the innovative formulas to the flawless application, the Marchesa for Le Métier de Beauté collaboration brings the best of both brands to the forefront of luxury.”

Ultra sophisticated shades Khaki Rose, Khaki Brun and Khaki Vert can be worn alone or combined for an urban chic camouflage effect. Available  on September 10th.

Perfectly mirroring the rich shades and slinky sophisticated looks we saw on the Fall 2010 runways.

There’s the pampered creature of luxury, the chocolate-hued Burmese, the wild and sleek ginger Ocicat, and the plush and privileged sable Russian Blue. It’s everything compelling we loved on the catwalk…chic, couture-inspired and cunningly compulsory!

I’m totally coveting the look at Brian Reyes: Bobbi Brown makeup artist Wendy Rowe paired scarlet-copper lids ( Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Eggplant) with a pale blue, lined undereye ( Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Aqua) for an earthy yet urban effect. —Maura Lynch, ELLE Associate Beauty Editor

While we’re eagerly anticipating the slew of super dark nail polish shades that are hitting stores later this year, in the meantime we’ve been looking for the perfect transitional color. The conditions were elaborate in scope and limiting in nature, as..


Rosalina Da Silva

Rosalina Da Silva- Visit her website http://www.amorebeautifulmakeup.com/

I’ve been working as a professional make-up artist since the 80″s. I’ve worked on hundreds of faces on dozens of movies. My work has taken me all over the world. From “The Unbearable lightness of Being” in Paris to Mosquito Coast in Belize, Watchmen, Sucker Punch and Tron In Vancouver where I’m now based.I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the task of creating and designing Make-up looks for these productions. On my time off I continue my studies,research, workshops, as well as art classes…I’m very passionate about what I do and feel very blessed.

Looking your best

YOUR PERSONAL BEST Making the biggest impact you can on a daily basis may seem impossible, but it’s not! It just takes common sense and a bit of time AND going back to the basics. Take a look at yourself.  Are you doing everything you can to put your best “fashion foot” forward?  For most of us the answer is no. It could be time for a fresh start. If you are feeling out of control, making small changes can bring big results! BACK TO THE BASICS Accentuate your positives. Learn to downplay your flaws – everyone has them. Concentrate on creating a vertical, fluid line from head to toe. Focus on the fit of the garments and not the size in the label. Shoes and handbags should be polished and in good condition. Your handbag should not be over stuffed. Clothing should be pressed and free of lint (and animal hair!) Blouse buttons should not gap or pull. Accessories can create an impact and update a look. Dress in the classics and add only one trendy piece. Avoid plunging necklines, skirts that are too short and see-through fabrics. You should smell clean and not “over perfumed”. Make sure your makeup is current and not overly done. Don’t be trendy. (No dark lipsticks) Make sure your hair is clean. Your hair color and cut should reflect the current style (again, don’t go with the trend) Make sure your smile is the best it can be. White teeth and fresh breath are important. Your nails should look cared for with no chipped polish on them. Keep them on the shorter side for low maintenance. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE Where should we spend our hard earned dollars to look great and have lots of versatile looks? Here’s a great “go to” outfit.  It’s a no-fail look and you can wear it 14 different ways. It’s the simplest way to look chic every time. One piece can honestly make a wardrobe. Make this simple dress your all occasion staple. The sheath dress is a must have. Spend your money on this piece it’s an investment piece you will never regret. It can easily go from day to night with the rights accessories.

For example… Wear it alone Wear it with a jacket over it. Leather, suede or wool Wear a cardigan Add a pashmina or a cozy Add a trench coat Wear a statement necklace with it Wear a sheer tee under it or a sheer wool sweater Wear leggings under it Add a belt and cinch the waist Wear an ankle boot with it and patterned tights Wear opaque tights under it and a ballet flat Wear tall boots Add a scarf Add a vest GO THROUGH YOUR CLOSET AND MAKE A LIST OF WHAT IS MISSING Amid some mistakes you will find you have some reliable pieces…. fingers crossed. Cleaning out the closet, organizing the chaos and taking inventory of what you have will help you to be more creative in choosing your outfits. You have to be able to see what’s in there to make it work. NEXT TIME; For my …Next installment I’ll tell you what your workhorse items should be?? Your must have short list..