Looking “First Class” in Coach!

Alas, it is true. We all can’t afford a ticket in first class or business class. Coach offers a great no frills ways to travel, but you can step off the plane at least LOOKING like you had a comfortable trip. Here are a few tips!

Wear long pants with Lycra. They’re much more comfortable than jeans.

Take a pashmina that you can use a blanket.

Wear a dark colors in case you spill something on yourself.

Wear socks so you are comfortable taking off your shoes.

Make sure the shoes you wear are easy to get off and on.

Bring your earphones. Why pay extra for this item when you own them already and yours are probably more comfortable.

Bring hand lotion to soothe your chapped skin.

A good book is a must on a long flight. Or invest in a Kendall and bring along 10 books at a time!

If you have shoulder length hair, use a scrunchy to help keep your blow dry in great shape. DO NOT USE a rubber band!

Bring along a makeup remover wipe placed in a zip-lock. It feels great to be able to take your makeup off on a long flight.

Don’t want a completely bare face? Buy some tinted moisturizer. It is easy to apply in your seat without streaks so there’s no need to wait in  the bathroom line. It feels great with the extra moisturizer. Add a little cream blush and you will give look more wide awake!

Wait till you land to put on lipstick. This is a great time to use a nourishing lip balm.