How to Clean Your Hair Brushes

We use it every day, yet how often have you actually cleaned your hairbrush? Chances are you've pulled hair out of the bristles, but have you actually CLEANED it? There are two ways to do it .
1. Loosen any strands of hair with a comb.
2. Insert the comb at the sides of the brush as near to the pad as possible and follow round the whole circumference of the brush, lifting the hair away.
3. Draw a "cleaning brush" across the bristles from one end of the pad to the other and then diagonally.
4. If there is dust on the brush pad then use a light scrubbing action to dislodge it.

1. Dry clean as above.
2. Make a lather of luke-warm, soapy water. You can use a mild shampoo but do not use any detergents or ammonia.
3. Do not put the hair brush in the soapy water! Dip a "cleaning brush" in the soapy water. Hold the brush you are cleaning so that it is sloping downwards. Use the cleaning brush to scrub between the bristles.
4. Dip your "cleaning brush" in clean rinsing water and repeat brushing movement to remove any soap from your good hairbrush.
5. Shake your hairbrush to remove moisture and leave it to dry with the pad pointing down.