HD ….Makeup/Hair Tips

Sports fans love HD  television for the exceptionally clear picture it gives, but for those on the other side of the camera, HD TV can REALLY emphasize the imperfections we all have. Lucky for most of us,  we are not on TV so we are spared from seeing every pore, wrinkle, pimple and broken capillary magnified.

So, if you’re thinking about a career as the next reality TV star or you’re already in an on-air position, there are some basics you need to know.

  • Dark hair and skin always does better in HD than paler skin and lighter hair. If you are a blonde make sure you have a base color plus 3 other shades of blond and that you are a warm blond rather than a very light blonde.
  • Gray Hair looks grayer. Baldness is intensified and strays , fly aways or frizzy hair truly looks messy and annoying on HD. Go for smooth, shiny hair in a natural style and if you do suffer from thinning hair fill it in with some hair fibers.
  • Shiny skin is a problem on HD, so always wear a primer that will control the shine before you add makeup and use blotting papers before you re-apply powder.
  • Bright lip colors can be really intensified and  very dark lipstick shades do not look great on HD look for lipstick shades that fall into a medium range and avoid anything that looks purple.
  • Avoid orange-hued bronzers they will give you an unnatural look so go for bronzers that have some pink in them.
  • Heavy over-applied mascara make your eyelashes look like spiders! Look for a black mascara and apply it one coat at a time.
  • Do not overdo the blush and make sure it’s blended in well.
  • Eyeshadow colors look more intense. When in doubt, stick to natural warm shades like browns, taupes, black and brown eyeliner.
  • Try a golden hue as a highlight on your eyes because HD loves golden tones.