FASHION…Quick Tips and Tricks

Look and feel your best with these quick tips to keep light fabrics in place, from Audrey Mansfield…..TIP……

1.Weights to hold lightweight and sheer fabrics in place. Tiny weights – just use any flat weighted bead. ?Try Bliss Beads from any local craft store Michaels or Curtain weights ½” or 1″- sold at any fabric store  or Magnets – from Pearl Art Supply (or any bead store).

In the hem of the garment open it up just enough to fit the weight in and re hem it. This will keep your light weight garments from flying up on a windy day..


2.We all take our makeup off at night and all of us would like to look great for our man here is an easy way to have your skin looking fabulous without the help of makeup or a tan.

Replace your bedside light bulb with Soft pink light bulbs (60 watts).sold at some supermarkets and most hardware stores.


3. Have you had your pants get caught in your sling back or mule can be annoying right .Or would you like to wear your fav jean with flats and heels ..A simply solution to keep your pants from dragging or catching in your sling back pump. Zakkers- temporary pant rollup Zakkerz.4.Look and feel your best with great fashion accessory tricks from Audrey Mansfield.

?Here are Audrey’s unique fashion accessories ………TRICKS…….

4.Want to change your mule into a sling back try Heel Straps The perfect accessory for backless heels and mules that prevent the uncomfortable flip flopping of the heels of your shoes. They are removable and come in a variety of colors.  $8.99-$11.99  Web site: Phone: 1-888-365-5914

5. Hip – T Is  the answer to camouflaging the flesh above the waistband commonly called ‘Muffin Top”. It also prevents rear view sneak peeks not to mention you can create a double tee look simply by adding Hip-T …Web site:

6. As we age our ear lopes get longer and if we are baby boomers and were wearing the long and heavy earing of the 80″s you may have enlarged your earring hole.. Here is how to fix that pesky problem…Earring Guards ..Lobe Wonder