Closet Makeover Spring and Fall Closet Cleaning

Let’s get started with our Spring Closet clean out…No one enjoys closet cleaning but the end result is so worth it HONEST!!!

Take everything out of the closet.

Take measurements so that you will be able to access if you are getting the best use of your space.

Paint the inside of your closet; you can choose creams shades..

Change the light bulbs to energy efficient ones and add more lighting if your closet is dark..[FYI.Most closets are not bright enough]

A well organized,equipped and styles closet adds value to your property.

Take a trip to your local Home Depot I find that their shelving and accessories are over all the cheapest. Have a chat with their closet consultants who will will help you [ free of charge ] evaluate if you could get more out of the space you have. You can change your closet in weekend it’s a great family Do It Yourself project.


Get 3 plastic bins or 3 large garbage bags label them

Storage [ clothes that are out of season but that you will wear again.]

Recycle / Donate  [ clothes that no longer fit  are out of fashion but that are in good condition]

Trash [Cloths that are stained or torn beyond repair]

Put the clothes you are sure you will wear this season in one pile.


Jackets with shoulder pads can have the sleeve reset and could be used again.

Are you repeating a style or color and have to many of the same thing.

Stripes that are going in the wrong direction for your figure type.

Clothes that no longer fit your lifestyle.


Clean your closet out twice a year Spring and Fall.

Buy one throw an item out.

Pull your wardrobe on a Sunday for the week.

Put your shoes heel to toe so that you can see at a glance the heel height.

Sweaters should be folded not hung.

Zip Lock Big Bags are a great way to store unused items.

Buy clear plastic or clear topped storage bag so that you can see at a glance what is inside each container.

Purchase a valet hook to place your newly dried clean items or to pull your weeks wardrobe.

All of your hangers should face in the same direction. Tiered hangers save space.

Purchase a step ladder so that you can easily reach the higher items.

Hang your clothes light colors to darker colors.

Hang your clothes short to long.