Cashmere Care

Cashmere …Strong, soft, light and wonderfully warm. While cashmere was once only considered a wardrobe investment purchase, the good news is that it’s now being sold at a manageable price point.

This plushy, soft fabric is perfect for chilly days! It’s easy to throw on a cashmere sweater for a sleek style. They can be fitted or slouchy, chunky, cozy and very flattering.

Cashmere can be worn over jeans, leggings, straight skirts, full skirts,tailored pants and as a layering piece.

Handwashing! Yes, you can!
And you no longer have to fear dry cleaning costs!
Natural fibers can be hand washed in a mild soap. Hand wash is actually better for them becausethe chemicals used in dry cleaning will break down the cashmere fibers over time.
Try Woolite,Seventh Generation,Perwoll or Tide Total Care.
Wash In cold water..

Lay the sweater on a towel. Place another towel on top of the sweater and roll up the towels and sweater. Excess water is absorbed by the towels. Lay the cashmere sweater on a drying rack and let it air dry.
Reshape side seams and sleeves if necessary, as some sweaters will twist during washing. When dry, press with a damp cloth and cool iron.

Fold and Store
It is best to store cashmere and fine wools in either a cedar chest or plastic bags to keep them clean and moth free.

Got a pill?
Pills, the little balls that get on the sweaters, are common. All natural fibers pill a little and it happens with cashmere, though a quality sweater should not pill excessively. The pilling is usually caused by a friction of some sort; such as a seat belt, purse strap, golf strap, or even synthetic linings of jackets. When pilling occurs, simply pull or carefully cut the pills off!