Botox and Fillers…Answers to Your Questions.

With the growing popularity of botox and other fillers, I’ve had a couple of reader questions that I decided to investigate. Here’s what the experts say.


I have been getting botox and filler injections for years and all of a sudden I am getting a lot of bruising after my injections. What can be causing this and should I change my doctor?

There are several OTC (over the counter) medications that can be leading to the brusing. Avoid the following products one week before you get your injections.

Fish oils

Omega 3

Red wine

Gibko Biloba



Ginger supplements


Anti-inflammatory drugs


My friend tells me I shouldn’t go to the gym the day I have  an that true?

Most doctors recommend that for AT LEAST four hours after an injection that you DO NOT

Lay down


Get you hair colored

Wash or blow dry your hair

Don’t get your hair colored

Don’t wash or bow dry your hair

Touch the area

Travel by air


I used to love the results I got from Restylane but I m not happy with the results of my  injections anymore. What’s going on?

Restylane will build up over time and at some point I would suggest that you ask your dermatologist to dissolve the Restylane build up and start fresh. Feel inside your mouth and if you feel a deep ridge along what we consider your “smile lines”  (nasal labial folds) you may want to dissolve them. Talk to your doctor.