Photographer’s Makeup Kit

If you’re going to have a photography session, you want to look good, and these days many photographers can’t afford to hire makeup artists. I created this list for all you photographers out there who are wondering what to carry with them ”just in case” …

To store it all , I suggest  a  Carry All On Set Bag Clear $49.50 from the clear bag makes it easier to find things in any light

Brush cleaner from MAC Cosmetics , Japonesque or  select one from

Shine blotting powder from MAC Cosmetics in 3 shades.. medium dark, dark and deep dark

Carmex for dry lips

Medi Matte from CVS or Sephora. It is an “anti shine” that works on all skin shades without them turning ashy

Small scissors


Makeup sponges

Small powder puffs from your local drugstore

Maybeline Blackest Black Mascara (local drugstore)

Disposable mascara wands  from Sephora

Make Up Forever HD Loose Powder works on all skin types. You only need small amount of this powder and it comes in one shade

Small Shaper Plus Hairspray (local drugstore)

A comb

Sephora makeup brush set $60.00 or MAC Cosmetics 10 piece at $24.99

Razor and shaving cream for  men who have a heavy beard

Band Aids

MAC Cosmetics “#1  Eye Shadow Collection”  This also has blush and lipstick in it for  $45.00

Lint roller

Small mirror


Visine  for red eyes

Double sided tape or toupee tape

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes