Shopping for your man doesn’t have to be an uphill battle! Audrey has advice on making it a cinch.

Tips to shopping affordably for your man

1) Start a collection with a solid dark suit. That way you can extend your wardrobe by using the suit jacket as a sports coat paired with jeans or khakis. You can use the trousers for a more casual look, when paired with layered knits or a casual shirt and a sports coat

2) Ties: Make sure your man knows how to tie a 1/2 Windsor knot. It’s a knot that will stay perfectly centered. A heavier gauge tie will always sit a little away from the shirt and that gives the tie a very expensive look.

3) Most men don’t like to go discount shopping. So do your prep work and pre-pull the items you like. Put them on hold and bring your man into the store the next day to try them on. That way he won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Building Your Man’s Wardrobe

Essential pieces for a complete fall wardrobe

Business or Dressy Attire

1. A solid black or navy suit you can even wear this as a blazer with jeans and khakis

2.White shirt with a Straight Collar

3.Medium patterned or striped Tie use a 1/2 Windsor knot

4.Black belt with Silver buckle

5.Black Dress shoe

6.Raincoat or a topcoat

7.Black socks

8.Briefcase or a Man bag

Business Casual

1.Sport coat with a windowpane or a plaid that has charcoal init

2.Flat front pant in Gray

3.Checked, blue or a striped shirt

4.Brown belt

5.Brown Loafer

6.Cardigan with a zipper

7.Tee shirt

8.Brown socks

Casual Weekend

1.Leather, Cord,Swede, Denim, or Velvet, Jacket

2.Kakis, cords or jeans

3.Turtle or mock turtle neck sweater

3.Top sider,or loafer,or a boot you could also put a tennis shoe in this place

4.Cap or a hat



7.Socks that match your shoe choice