Having a Bright Smile Everyday Everywhere

One of the best beauty tips and the best thing you can do to better yourself  is to have white teeth . Who can resist a white smile? Not me that’s for sure…So whether you are going to an interview in this competitive market or simply going on a first date get that smile of yours as white as you can to give the very best first impression.

1.There are products that can help you ward off the red wine and food stains so eat and drink without worrying about your smile. Here are a few to try out they work and they fit into any size handbag .

Sexy Smile By Dr.Pia Lieb

Instant whitening treatment includes both a stain remover and a gorgeous lipgloss the gloss is available in 6 different colors.www.sexysmileonline.com

Listerine whitening pen

Brite Smile Whitening Pen

2.Beautiful white teeth can be pricy, but there are over the counter products that are more affordable they you may think that can help keep your smile sparkling.

Go Smile Travel Kit.

Crest White Strips.

Rembrandt Whitening Mouthwash

3.Do it Yourself Whitening

Mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda into a paste and brush!

4. STYLE TIP: Wearing lip gloss  makes your teeth appear whiter!!!