Fifty+ and Fabulous!

Face it. You’re over 50. So what? Think about all the brilliant women you know who are loving life, looking great and having fun. I constantly hear from women who are 50 and older and it seems like a lot of us have the same beauty issues.

For example,

“My hair is thinning and even falling out”
It happens to a lot of women and it can really be a shock to notice unusual amounts of hair in your brushes or in the shower. If this happenes to you, visit your dermatologist and gynocologist. You could be experiencing a hormone imbalance or a form of Alopecia.
Here’s a little secret used by men and women alike to help hide (not fix) the problem. It’s called Toppik you can sprinkle the fibers directly on to your scalp.

” My lips are thinner and I don’t want to use Botox or anything like that”
Another bothersome sign of aging is the loss of dimension of the lips. A lip liner can really help give the appearance of full lips. Choose a liner two shades darker than your natural lip color and lightly line your lips. Then feather the liner towards the center of the mouth. This will help it to blend effortlessly with your lipstick.

“What’s Happening to my Eyelashes? “
You look in the mirror and wonder where your eyelashes and brows went. Now is the time that eye and brow liners become your best friend. To create a full brow, start by filling in with pencil to bring back dimension to the face. Groom the eyebrow upwards, then use a pencil in light feathery strokes to mimic real hair. Finish by applying loose powder to set the pencil, so it stays in place.
Using eyeliner along the upper lash line can also help shape the eye and give you a younger and fuller lash appearance. If it’s a real issue, see your doctor and ask about Latisse. A prescription is required but it really can help regrow those thinning lashes.