The 5 Essentials for your medicine cabinet

The Basics for your medicine cabinet

1. Melting Tylenol…Everyone knows you need pain relievers,look for ones that anyone can take,even if they can’t swallow a pill.have a migraine,and can’t find your medication. Use the nurse secret remedy: diet coke and Tylenol. one of the active ingredients in over the counter migraine medication is caffeine. Why not regular coke ? well who needs the calories……………..

2. Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield.. Did you know that foods most of us eat regularly can lead to irreversible enamel loss. Some foods are highly acidic like tomatoes,orange juice,even soft drinks. This product provides a micro-thin layer  of protection from plaque and bacteria that lead to enamel loss.

3. Hydro cortisone cream for many itching,red,inflamed rashes a cortisone cream is a must.

4. Neo-to go  creams.bactine and campo phenique these are antiseptics that can take the sting out of cuts,scrapes,insect bites,even sunburn.

5. Band -aids and New skin ..These come in all shapes and sizes,and for those of us who wash our hands a lot,there’s a new type of waterproof,called New skin. This goes on as a liquid and dries over a cut,making a clear,flexible and waterproof barrier.