About Audrey

Audrey Mansfield  most recently the style contributor for San Francisco’s The View from the Bay on KGO-TV and the nationally syndicated program Everyday Living airing on the Live Well HD Network. She is also the makeup artist for NBC’s Sunday Night Football and a visual style consultant for many television stations across the country.

Audrey is an industry leader in visual styling, with extensive experience in makeup, hair and wardrobe. Her portfolio includes national television commercials, music videos and print advertising. Her clients include politicians, entertainers, athletes, newscasters and many others who want to look their best under the glaring lights of television or in the limelight.

Raised in England, Ms. Mansfield trained in both the UK and France. She is passionate about the art of makeup and style and is always willing to share her knowledge to help others put their best face and body forward.

Though Ms. Mansfield is a self-proclaimed “technology-phobe,” she is excited to take on her latest endeavor: a new blog filled with industry and trade secrets she has acquired through her life experiences.  Having seen many style faux pas in her lifetime, she hopes the blog will provide her readers with quick solutions to life’s dilemmas, big and small.

Audrey recently joined the ore than 150 experts of GenConnect,an on-line community offering expert information,articles,video and interaction to enrich your career,health,relationships,and lifestyle. GenConnect offers information on a wide range of topics – from media to finance,food and wine to health and beauty. Audrey will be contributing to the GenConnect website.

Unpretentious yet straightforward, Ms. Mansfield believes wholeheartedly in realizing the beauty potential in everyone. Audrey lives in New York.